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Bill's 2nd performance in San Ramon, Calif. - May 24, 1991 (NSFW)

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Bill Hicks: The most outspoken and necessary stand-up of modern times

As the 20th anniversary of the death of Bill Hicks is marked, Dominic Cavendish pays tribute to a comedian who made rare sense of the world we live in
Comedian Bill Hicks, who died in 1994

Twenty years after his death, isn’t it time we saluted Bill Hicks as the best of the goddam bunch? Shouldn’t we brace up and face facts? He came. He saw. He poured hilarious, bilious scorn. Pancreatic cancer claimed him at the age of 32. And we shan’t see his like again – not in the USA, not anywhere – in our lifetimes.

They’re holding a commemorative tribute for him on the anniversary itself – February 26: an official tribute show in Camden, with a visitation from his folks (mother, sister, brother) and contributions from comedians such as Robin Ince and Brendon Burns. There will be chat. There will be clips, courtesy of the guys who made the superb bio-documentary “American”. Great, so far as it goes, but it will only be a small token of esteem scaled against his immense talent. The most provocative, outspoken, necessary stand-up of modern times? I’d say so.

Bill Hicks: what is his legacy?

To mark the 20th anniversary of the comedian's death, we'd like to hear your thoughts on his life, his work and his influence -- Monday 17 February 2014 
Bill Hicks
Bill Hicks. Photograph: Graham Haber

Bill Hicks died of pancreatic cancer 20 years ago this month. In the years since his death his reputation has steadily grown, with many comedians citing him as a key influence and introducing his work to younger audiences.

To mark the anniversary of his death, we'd like to hear your thoughts about Bill Hicks and his legacy: is his comedy still relevant to audiences today? Do you see his influence in any modern standup? Or perhaps you think his work has aged badly?... [CLICK HERE TO VIEW ENTIRE POST]

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